Use the following command to create this document (slidy.html):

asciidoc slidy.txt

Press the Space key or the Left Arrow key to continue the slideshow.


AsciiDoc has a slidy backend for generating self contained Slidy HTML slideshows.

How Slidy uses AsciiDoc markup

Slidy Specific Attributes


If this attribute is defined then all lists and OpenBlock elements are classed as incremental i.e. Slidy will expose them one at a time as you progress through the slideshow. The default behavior is for the show to progress a full slide at at time. Elements that have been explicitly classed as incremental with the role attribute are always displayed incrementally.


Set this to the estimated number of minutes that your presentation will take and Slidy will display a countdown timer at the bottom right of the slideshow. For example, this asciidoc command-line option --attribute duration=5 sets the duration to five minutes.


If you set the copyright attribute it will be displayed in the Slidy menu bar at the bottom of the slide. If the copyright attribute is not define then the author name, if it is defined, will be displayed.


Setting the role attribute to outline in a bulleted or numbered list allows nested lists to be expanded and collapsed using the mouse. Nested lists are expanded when an enclosing list item (the ones with blue bullet points or numbers) is clicked.